Sports Medicine

When it Comes to Sports Medicine

When it comes to sports medicine, There’s a reason why this practice name begins here. Dr. Levy was a competitive athlete himself, playing international rugby. In his residency, he founded the American Orthopedic Rugby Football Association with a goal of bringing injury prevention to the awareness of the US rugby leadership. Subsequently at Duke, Dr. Levy helped care for the vast array of Duke athletes including basketball and football teams. At the international level, Dr. Levy has traveled the world as an Olympic sports medicine doctor, the lead physician for US short track speed skating, USA Rugby and USA Rugby League. He has served as venue physician for Fifa World Cup Soccer events and has been medical director for US rugby League. He has served as team physician for numerous colleges and high schools and was team physician for the XFL. Dr. Levy has served New Jersey on the state advisory committee for sports medicine which has actively been involved over the years in advocating athletic trainer education and prioritizing athletes’ safety in sports.

This vast experience is manifested into the approach this practice applies to athletes of all calibers.

“It’s our job to do everything we can do to allow the injured athlete to make whatever choices they desire in their future activity level”

injuries are part of sports, but the sequella can be minimized and the recovery optimized with high level sports medicine care.